A Happier and More Efficient Team?

Together, we will 'unlock' your potential

and get you into a natural state of flow.

  • By removing the daily clutter, you will gain more time, new ideas, and greater open-mindedness
  • Using potential at work = a clear mind, increased engagement, higher profits
  • A shared goal, mutual understanding and willingness to collaborate cross-teams already after a 3-day workshop

Are you constantly adding new skills, processes, strategies, and benefits? We will show you how to achieve better results by doing the opposite. You will spend more time in an optimal state of  'flow,' where you naturally have access to what's crucial for your success.

Less meetings, better results, more enjoyment. 

We will show you how to achieve this easily by returning to your natural state of mind – the state of flow.

Do you have a lot on your plate at work? Are you having to implement new processes, while old tasks are weighing you down, and conflicts with colleagues are causing misunderstandings and stress within the team?

Research shows that up to 80% of people do not feel well at work, and almost 50% are on the verge of burnout.

These numbers indicate that the majority of us have unconsciously disconnected ourselves from the natural state of flow.

We strive to achieve high performance and happiness through techniques, however, they often lead us away. We have forgotten that flow is our nature.

Thanks to the new understanding, we will show you that the state of flow is our fundamental setup and thus does not need to be attained or worked on.

We will help you to find your own answers both in business and life.

We don't advise, we simply show how things work. Our clients then use this understanding themselves to create what they desire.

What will you gain from workshops focused on understanding your potential and working in the natural state of flow?


  • Every day, you will wake up with creativity, insights, and and capacity for deep focus work
  • By understanding your own reactions and the reactions of others, your psychological resilience and joy in work will increase
  • By understanding stress and fear, you will gain self-confidence for easier decision-making and the courage to embark on new, even innovative, endeavors
  • Thanks to your natural ability for deep listening and empathy, you will better understand your team, and your collaboration will bear much more fruit with less effort
Trained individuals

Globally recognized by individuals, small teams, and entire companies.

You will overcome challenges and innovate

Understanding the mind eliminates stress and pressure that hinder your progress.

Higher revenue growth, costs reduction

Engaged and productive work (flow) has strong impacts on corporate results.

Higher productivity

A 10-year McKinsey study shows 6x greater productivity among executives regularly entering 'flow'.

Testimonials - Successes of Our Clients

Our goal was to find a way to significantly increase turnover while reducing stress and enhancing ease at work.

Through 6 workshops and individual coaching for 23 team members, we achieved people's satisfaction and transformed our company within 8 months. 

  • At the first workshop, the company came up with an idea of how it could achieve a  doubling of turnover within one year.
  • People show a greater interest in each other's work, natural collaboration on projects flows throughout the company, and the team itself comes up with and implements improvements.
"We are more aligned both in collaboration with the customer and internally - people have learned to better understand others. They better listen to each other, do not make assumptions, verify that they truly comprehend, and show more interest in each other."
Kateřina FišerováCo-owner and CEO

We wanted to look at our functioning from a different perspective. We knew that people have more potential. We wanted them to shed their limitations and enhance their performance.

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  • Now, in 1 month, I can accomplish the same as what would have taken me 6 months before.
Without the transformation, I wouldn't have successfully navigated through the toughest period in my business life. I started finding answers within myself, completely somewhere else than in my thinking as before.
Ján HorníkCo-owner and CEO

My life is quite busy, so I decided to make some time for things that I find interesting and explore new ideas.

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

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  • The result is higher creativity, ability to focus and get more things done
Work can be done with great enthusiasm and joy, you can look forward to it. When I don't put pressure on myself, everything becomes easier, simpler, and what I do is of higher quality.
Milan ŠolcCo-founder and CEO

How does the understanding of the mind and 'flow' differ from other well-known approaches?

Understanding of the mind and 'flow'

Anyone who has experienced 'improving a company' knows how limited or even negative impact new strategies, processes, and various great additions to make everyone more efficient and happy can be.

Often, the more new things, the greater the confusion. We won't add more techniques or procedures to you; we will show you a new understanding. The state of high performance, creativity, empathy, and engagement - 'flow' - is not a special state.

  • You'll have fewer worries, and logically, everything will then become easier.
  • We work with the inner potential that influences external outcomes.

Thanks to people's improved ability to harness their potential, the success and speed of implementing new strategies and processes will also increase. People will also begin to utilize acquired skills much more effectively in practice, and their capacity to learn new things will improve.

Consulting and Advisory

(Deloitte, McKinsey,...)

  • New processes and strategies easily at hand
  • Application of industry best practice
  • Does not work if people do not cooperate
  • Complicated implementation
  • May omit specific strengths or potential

Soft and other skills

(training company)

  • People are used to trainings
  • Flexible in time invested
  • Does not solve complex issues
  • Limited impact on people and business results
  • May demotivate people after a while
In other training, they force the knowledge, maybe it's right, maybe it's not, that doesn't matter. Here, we sought answers within ourselves. There's one crucial aspect that influences everything else - when a person has an insight, a sense of ease emerges in life, and we can discover solutions we would have never thought of before.
Through games and exercises, we realize how locked up we are in our minds and that we are not what we think of ourselves.
We did not look for complex answers to difficult questions, rather we thought less and found the answers within ourselves. You just have to stop and ask yourself simple questions, and then the answers will come.
We don't need to study a technique and then implement it. You just need to calm down, ask yourself good questions, look at some things differently.

Not sure if we might be the right partner for you?

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What sets you apart from other similar approaches?

Traditional coaching (Inner Game, GROW, Play Two Win,...)

We do not rely on or teach coaching techniques. We don't try to increase people's potential; we don't think it's necessary. We show people an understanding of how not to stand in their way and how to expand their horizons and better use their innate potential. We are bringing people back to their nature, which is much better than anyone thinks.

Positive Psychology/Neuro Linguistic Programming

We do not teach how to manipulate the mind; we do not work with imagination, visualization, or special language. This can work, but typically with unnecessary effort and for a limited time. There is no need to manipulate our mind; we need to understand better how our mind works.


The state of presence, when we notice what is happening around us but are not enslaved by the events, is a natural result of the state of flow, our basic setting. By understanding the workings of the mind, this will be a state to which you will naturally return. Meditation and various mindfulness exercises can help, but they are not necessary.

Do you work with the psychology of people? Everyone is different, has a different personality, different past, different strengths, that can't be changed, how do you approach it?

We are not psychologists; we work on a different level. We explain the principles common to every person which form our psychology. This is an increasingly used approach abroad by psychologists and therapists as well. Our goal is not to change anyone. We show people how they can be more themselves and thus achieve much better results, individually and as part of a team.

What is your approach and format and content of your programs?

    The entire process is designed in an interactive form to foster individual growth and development while facilitating the integration of new knowledge and skills into everyday life

  • 1. Preparation: No entry tests or evaluations (personality profiles, etc.) are needed.

  • 2. Understanding Goals: The first step is understanding the situation and goals of the leadership.

  • 3. Individual Interviews: The next step is understanding the situation and goals from the perspective of other participants in the program through short individual interviews.

  • 4. Workshops: Typically, we facilitate one or more workshops on selected topics. (The program includes exercises and games in which everyone can become aware of their experiences and behavior in various situations, while also being confronted with alternative options. This is followed by sharing and practical application.)

  • 5. Individual Coaching: Integral part of the program is follow-on individual coaching sessions, which significantly help solidify and apply new understandings into everyday practice.

  • 6. Sharing and mutual support: Changes in behaviour and mutual feedback among team members further spontaneously contribute to solidifying and deepening new realizations resulting in everyone working in the natural flow state for more and more time.

Can leadership be involved as well? Would not people then have difficulty opening up?

From experience, both sides can greatly enrich each other. During joint meetings, they become much closer on a human level and therefore have no problem engaging in open conversations, regardless of their roles in the company.

Leadership should be a part of the program; we often start with a program exclusively for leadership. This way, they can experience the benefits firsthand and, from their position, have a far greater impact on both the team and the overall results of the company.

Is your approach backed by scientific studies?

We leverage the latest insights from psychology, neuroscience, and interdisciplinary studies of consciousness, particularly the Inside-out Understanding (IoU), which approaches human emotions and thoughts in an entirely new way. There are numerous publicly available studies on the impacts of flow.

Our Team

"So far in all companies I have encountered unnecessary frustration, loss of time and money caused by misunderstanding or fear. My goal is to help change that."
Robert RottCertified transformative coach, experienced business consultant in the field of business transformation
"My vision is to make the Czech and Slovak Republic the happiest and most prosperous countries in Europe"
Martin JotovCertified transformative coach, co-founder of the non-profit company Poruzumění mysli zs, mentor, trainer, teacher and speaker. 24 years of experience in entrepreneurship, international trade and management of teams and companies. Currently, the executive of a holding of nanotechnology companies.
"I am a father of two children and still a big sports enthusiast. I show how to experience the same enthusiasm also in business."
Lukáš PiperekExperienced mental sports and business coach, certified transformative coach, lecturer and mentor of the Academy for Professionals and Leaders, former professional hockey player
Jana Pelcová
"The opportunity to stand alongside a client who is discovering their true essence, possibilities, uncovering their potential, or creating a new project is a dream job for me."
Jana PelcováInstructor of Psychology of Mind, experienced coach with twenty years of practice with companies and individuals, certified transformative coach, lecturer in managerial and business skills
"The opportunity to stand alongside a client who is discovering their true essence, possibilities, uncovering their potential, or creating a new project is a dream job for me."
Kateřina ČernáCo-founder and director of the non-profit organization Porozumění mysli (Understanding Human Mind), Mentor and Instructor at the Academy for Professionals and Leaders, graduate of Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy and studies under psychologist Dr. William Pettit, transformative coach
"I increasingly perceive that excessive pressure for performance and results is distancing us from true success at work. Understanding how we truly function as humans opens up space for greater efficiency with less effort."
Iveta MaličkáCertified transformative coach, leader of a team with 57 members, lecturer, and intuitive painter
"I help people uncover the potential they (often unconsciously) suppress within themselves. I assist in reducing stress levels, boosting self-confidence, and finding stability in today's ever-changing world."
Pavel PolaCertified transformative coach, manager with over 20 years of experience, seasoned presenter. Since 2012, he has been engaged in the principles of self-managed companies, which he applies within the company Etnetera Activate, operating on the principles of teal organizations since its foundation.
"How we think creates our own reality, giving us an amazing opportunity to change it effortlessly."
Marie BřezinováCertified transformative coach, manager with experience in leading sales teams, organizing events, international congresses, and trade shows
"Human beings were gifted with an amazing tool - the MIND. However, in most cases, we've learned to use it against ourselves without even realizing it. Assisting people in living in harmony and peace with themselves gives me tremendous sense."
Silvie VítkováCertified transformative coach, manager with over 20 years of experience in procurement and negotiation in FMCG companies. She applies insights from alternative medicine to her life and integrates them into the contemporary world.
"My life and what I offer are primarily filled with the essence of this quote: 'Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.' - Chinese Proverb"
Vlaďka BřachováCertified transformative coach, entrepreneur, business manager, mentor, and instructor with many years of experience in people management.
"The greatest experience for me is when we can see how perfect and wise we are, and everything simplifies."
Jana BolkováTransformative coach, mentor, ambassador of the ŠŤASTNÁ ŠKOLA (HAPPY SCHOOL) project. Managing director of AQVA LIFE s.r.o., a center for personal development and further education.
"I am continuously fascinated by the power of deep listening and transformative conversations. How simple yet not necessarily easy it is to look on the other side and realize that everything we are searching for, we already possess."
Jana WypáskováCertified transformative coach, product manager at a travel agency

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